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Red Hat Enterprise Security: Network Services Expertise Exam (RH333)


  • Red Hat Enterprise Security: Network Services (RHS333) In this class focus will be on improving the security of Network Services through mechanisms at the services level.  There are many topics within the security modules that are interesting and would merit further investigation.  While learning about firewalls and VPN is important, if those mechanisms are broken, services are vulnerable to attacks.  A very real but often neglected problem is how to we deal with services. 

    The emphasis of this course is therefore how to strengthen the security of these. Also included some tips on "How to detect intrusion".  The discussion on "how to make difficult for attacker's" also be featured as it is tedious to make a system 100% secure.


  • RHCE certification or equivalent experience in basic configuration of the network services.


  • System Administrators, conultants and other IT professionals.

Course Content:


 Unit 1: The thread model and protection methods

  • Internet threat model and the attacker's plan
  • Systemsecurity and service availability
  • An overview of protection mechanisms

 Unit 2: Basic service security

  • SELinux
  • Host-based access control
  • Firewalls using Netfilter and iptables
  • TCP Wrappers
  • Xinetd and service limits

 Unit 3: Cryptography

  • Overview of cryptographic techniques
  • Management of SSL certificates
  • Using GnuPG

 Unit 4: Logging and NTP

  • Time synchronization with NTP
  • Logging: syslog and its weaknesses

 Unit 5: BIND and DNS security

  • BIND vulnerabilities
  • DNS security: attacks on DNS
  • Access Control List
  • Transaction signatures
  • Restricting zone transfers and recursive queries
  • DNS topologies
  • Bogus servers and black holes
  • Views
  • Monitoring and logging
  • Dynamic DNS security

 Unit 6: Network authentication: RPC, NIS, and Kerberos

  • Vulnerabilities
  • Network-managed users and account management
  • RPC and NIS security issues
  • Improving NIS security
  • Using Kerberos authentication
  • Debugging kerberized services
  • Kerberos cross-realm trust
  • Kerberos encryption

 Unit 7: Network File System

  • Overview of NFS version 2, 3 and 4
  • Security in NFS version 2 and 3
  • Improvements in security in NFS4
  • Trobleshooting NFS4
  • Client-side mount options

 Unit 8: Open SSH

  • Vulnerabilities
  • Server configuration and the SSH protocols
  • Authentication  and access control
  • Client-side security
  • Protecting private keys
  • Port-forwarding and X11-forwarding issues

 Unit 9: Electronic mail with sendmail

  • Vulnerabilities
  • Server topologies
  • Email encryption
  • Access control and STARTTLS
  • Anti-spam mechanisms

 Unit 10: Postfix

  • Vulnerabilities
  • Security and Postfix design
  • Configuring SASL/TLS

 Unit 11: FTP

  • Vulnerabilities
  • The FTP protocol and FTP servers
  • Logging
  • Anonymous FTP
  • Access control

 Unit 12: Apache security

  • Vulnerabilities
  • Access Control
  • Authentication: files, passwords, kerberos
  • Security implications of common configuration options
  • CGI security
  • Server-sude ubckydes
  • suEXEC

 Unit 13: Intrusion detection and recovery

  • Intrusion risks
  • Security policy
  • Detecting possible intrusions
  • Monitoring network traffic andopen ports
  • Detecting modified files
  • Investigating and verifying detected intrusions
  • Recovering from, reporting, and documenting intrusions

Certification Exam:

  • This is exam is performance-based, meaning that candidates must perform tasks on a live system, rather than answering questions about how one might perform those tasks.
  • 11 Training units will be provided.
  • Official course Material will be required to appear this exam.
  • Exam Duration – 3hrs.
  • Exam Fees – Rs. 10,000/- per candidate. Fees should be paid by DD drown in favor of  “Red Hat India Pvt. Ltd.” Payable at Mumbai.
  • Exam results are emailed within 5 business days following the exam

Sample Certificate:

RHCVA Certificate..

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