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 Bash Shell Scripting

Shell Scripting Course is specifically designed to develop skills required for   automation on Unix / Linux Environment. This course focuses on the basic and intermediate level of Scripting. It provides training with hands on session to administer the UNIX shell.


Suitable for:

  • Linux Administrators
  • UNIX programmers
  • Database (Oracle/Sybase)developers working on UNIX platforms
  • Database (Oracle/Sybase)Administrators

Prerequisites :

  • Knowledge in Unix / Linux Platform
  • Basic Knowledge in Shell Commands
  • Any Programming language


Course Contents:


  • 1. Shell Variables

o        User defined variables

o        How to assign value to a variable

o        Rules for Naming variable name

o        How to access the value of variable

o        Variables are not declared


o        How to capture output of a command in a variable


o        Arithmetic on variables


  • Writing and debugging scripts


o        Creating and running a script

o        Script basics

o        Debugging Bash scripts


  • The Bash environment

o        Shell initialization files

o        Variables

o        Quoting characters

o        Shell expansion

o        Aliases

o        More Bash options


  • Regular expression
    • Regular expression
    • Examples using grep
    • Pattern matching using Bash features


  • Important Shell Utilities

o        cut

o        sed, tr

o        find

o        sort

o        grep, egrep, fgrep

o        awk



  • Conditional statements


o        Introduction to “if”

o        More advanced “if” usage

o        Using case statements


  • Writing interactive scripts


o        Displaying user messages

o        Catching user input


  • Repetitive tasks

·         The for loop

·         The while loop

·         The until loop

·         I/O redirection and loops

·         Break and continue

·         Making menus with the select built –in

·         The shift built in


  • More on variables

o        Types of variables

o        Array variables

o        Operation on variables


  • Function

o        Introduction

o        Examples of function in scripts

o        Passing arguments to functions

o        Scope of variable in functions - local & global


  • Catching signals 

o        Signals

o        Traps


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Interview Questions for Shell Scripting


Sample of Bash Shell Script/td>
#!/bin/bash -x 
# Pretty-prints one 
# of the ABS Guide author's favorite
# poems 

# Lines of the poem (single stanza). 
Line[1]="I do not know which to prefer," 
Line[2]="The beauty of inflections" 
Line[3]="Or the beauty of innuendoes," Line[4]="The blackbird whistling" 
Line[5]="Or just after." 

# Note that quoting permits embedding # whitespace. 

# Attribution. 
Attrib[1]=" Wallace Stevens" 
Attrib[2]="\"Thirteen Ways of Looking at a BlackBird\"" 

# This poem is in the Public 
# Domain (copyright expired). 

echo tput bold # Bold print. 

for index in 1 2 3 4 5 # Five lines. 
    printf " %s\n" "${Line[index]}" 

for index in 1 2 # Two attribution lines. do 
    printf " %s\n" "${Attrib[index]}" done 

tput sgr0 # Reset terminal. 
              # See 'tput' docs. 

exit 0  # Return SUCCESS to the
          # calling program.
          # Check $? 

# Exercise: 
# -------- 
# Modify this script to pretty-print a 
# poem from a text data file

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