Course Details
Red Hat System Administration : RH254

Course Outline

Unit 1 - Getting Started with the Classroom Environment

  • Given a virtualized environment, begin to administrate multiple systems using prerequisite skills

Unit 2 - Enhance User Security

  • Configure system to use Kerberos to verify credentials and grant privileges via sudo

Unit 3 - Bash Scripting and Tools

  • Automate system administration tasks utilizing Bash scripts and text-based tools

Unit 4 - File Security with GnuPG

  • Secure files with GnuPG.

Unit 5 - Software Management

  • Use yum plugins to manage packages and understand the design of packages to build a simple package

Unit 6 - Network Monitoring

  • Profile running services then capture and analyze network traffic

Unit 7 - Route Network Traffic

  • Configure system to route traffic and customize network parameters with sysctl

Unit 8 - Secure Network Traffic

  • Secure network traffic through SSH port forwarding and iptables filtering/network address translation (NAT)

Unit 9 - NTP Server Configuration

  • Configure an NTP server

Unit 10 - Filesystems and Logs

  • Manage local file system integrity, monitor system over time, and system logging

Unit 11 - Centralized and Secure Storage

  • Access centralized storage (iSCSI) and encrypt filesystems

Unit 12 - SSL-encapsulated Web Services

  • Understand SSL certificates and deploy an SSL encapsulated web service

Unit 13 - Web Server Additional Configuration

  • Configure web server with virtual hosts, dynamic content, and authenticated directories

Unit 14 - Basic SMTP Configuration

  • Configure an SMTP server for basic operation (null client, receiving mail, smarthost relay)

Unit 15 - Caching-Only DNS Server

  • Understand DNS resource records and configure a caching-only name server

Unit 16 - File Sharing with NFS

  • Configure file sharing between hosts with NFS

Unit 17 - File Sharing with CIFS

  • Configure file and print sharing between hosts with CIFS

Unit 18 - File Sharing with FTP

  • Configure file sharing with anonymous FTP

Unit 19 - Troubleshooting Boot Process

  • Understand the boot process and recover unbootable systems with rescue mode

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