Course Details
Oracle 11g - New Features for Administrators

Platform: Oracle 11g Release 2 ( on Linux (RHEL5, RHEL6, RHEL7)


 Participants should have basic Oracle 9i administration knowledge.

 Prior Linux knowledge is not required, but will be helpful.


 Database Administrators

 PL/SQL Developer

 Support Engineer

 Technical Consultant

 Students who have already finished Oracle 9i , 10g OCP and would  like to become Oracle 11g OCP.


What you will learn

This course will prepare you for the OCP 1Z0-040 exam. The name of this exam is “Oracle 11g New Features for Administrators” It will cover the following areas:


 Course Topics

Installation & Up-gradation

 Installation of Oracle 11g

 Automatic pre & post install validations

 Configuring Oracle 11g using DBCA

 Upgrading the database


Maintain Software

 Oracle Database 11g Upgrade Paths

 Easy Upgrade (key DBUA features / one script upgrade)

 Upgrade Information Tools (pre/post)


Server Configuration

 Database Features Usage Tracking

 Automatic Enterprise Manager Configuration

 Simplified Initialization Parameters

 Simplified Database Install


Load and Unload Data

 Cross-platform Transportable Tablespaces

 External Tables Unload

 DataPump Export and Import Utilities

Automatic Management

 Automatic Checkpoint Tuning

 Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor

 Automatic Shared Memory Tuning

 Automatic Optimizer Statistics Collection

 Automatic Undo Retention


Manageability Infrastructure

 Advisory Framework

 Automatic Routine Administration Tasks

 Server-generated Alerts / Threshold-based Alerts

 Automatic Workload Repository


Application Management and Availability

 SQL Access Advisor

 SQL Tuning Advisor

 New performance overview charts in EM

 Rule-based optimization (RBO) obsolescence


SQL Support for Analytical Applications

 MERGE Command Enhancements

 Partitioned Outer Join

 Integrating Interrow Calculations in SQL

 Summary Management Enhancements


System Resource Management

 Setting Idle Timeouts

 Switching Back to the Initial Consumer Group at End of Call

 Database Resource Manager - Adaptive Consumer Group Mapping

 Monitoring the Resource Manager


The Scheduler

 Core Scheduler Features

 Privileges for Scheduler Components

 Calendaring Expressions

 Advanced Scheduler Concepts


Space Management

 Segment Advisor

 New Segment Resource Estimation

 Online Segment Shrink

 Proactive Tablespace Management

 Undo Advisor

 Sorted Hash Clusters


Improved VLDB Support

 Bigfile Tablespace

 Enhanced Partition Management in Enterprise Manager

 Global Partitioned Indexes - Hash Partitioning

 Local Partitioned Indexes Manageability Improvements

 Temporary tablespace groups


RMAN Enhancements

 Flash Backup and Recovery

 Backup Compression

 Drop Database

 Automatic Channel Failover for Backup & Restore

 Incrementally Updated Backups

 Simplified Recovery Through Resetlogs


Flashback Any Error

 Flashback Database

 Flashback Table

 Flashback Versions Query

 Flashback Transaction Query

 Flashback Drop


General Storage Management

 Rename Tablespace

 Redo Logfile Sizing Advisor

 SYSAUX Tablespace

 Copying Files using the Database Server


Automatic Storage Management

 Data mirroring with ASM

 ASM Dynamic Rebalancing

 ASM Striping

 ASM General Architecture

 ASM Disk Groups

 Failure Groups


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