Advance Java

This course enables you to build your own web applications with HTML, JSP, Servlet and a database at the backend. The second (optional) part introduces you to a popular and powerful framework on the User Interface UI) side which makes the web applications much more flexible, adaptive and maintainable.

Web component Devlopment with jsp and servlets

  • Static pages with HTML
  • JavaScript for client side validation
  • XML basics
  • XML parsing
  • Servlet API
  • Building JSP pages
  • Session Management
  • Advanced Servlet Features
  • Creating Custom tags
  • JSTL and Expression Language
  • Java Database Connectivity

Struts Framework

  • What is Struts
  • MVC design pattern
  • Struts Configuration
  • Action Servlet
  • Action and Form subclasses
  • Integrating UI with Action classes
  • Tiles framework
  • Validator framework
  • Interceptors
  • Struts Tag libraries



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